America's favorite cookies
homemade in Switzerland

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The taste of home sweet home

Looking to buy chocolate chip cookies in Switzerland? We bake authentic American cookies in all varieties. They are freshly made - there is nothing worse than a two-week-old cookie - and we deliver them to your home or business in the Zurich area. Are you from farther away? No problem, we ship express.

For your home, business or event

Sometimes business gets so busy that it is easy to lose track of the little details. We are here to offer an alternative to the ubiquitous “Nussgipfel” and “Cremeschnitte”. American cookies in Switzerland: Give your customers the chance to taste something familiar, yet authentic and new. Provide a high-quality dessert that features a refreshingly exclusive taste of America, without any stress or hassle on your part.

Your wish is our command

You don't care for vanilla? You want a coconut or oatmeal version? Extra chocolate chips? We would love to hear your ideas. No cookie cutter around here - we will make your best cookie ideas happen! Personalize your cookie ingredients, size and shape to fit your needs. It goes without saying that we offer gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free and vegan versions and alternative fats and sugars. Just contact us and we'll make it work. We want to give you the American cookie of your dreams.


Our Story

“Curly Girl” was the name written on the tin that Mr. Greene took with him to work. It was written on tan masking tape with a black marker. There was even a logo of a curly-headed girl drawn on the makeshift label. When the tin was empty he would bring it back and ask the girl to make more, this time twice as many.

The man and his curly-haired daughter had their share of disagreements, but cookies were never one of them. The cookies needed to have bittersweet chocolate chips and oatmeal in them so that hungry tummies could go longer between meals and get more work done. 

Well, little girls grow up and have their own curly-headed little girls and then they remember the importance of a cookie made by loving hands. So we traveled far, gathered those same treasured ingredients and baked up some magic for your cookie tin: America's favorite cookie with a little taste of Switzerland.


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